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Summertime Adventures and Jewelry which Celebrates them!

It’s the middle of Summer – the perfect time to pack up the car and head for the hills. We all need to “unplug” from our phones, computers, tablets and daily grind from time to time and nature is the perfect escape! Many of us have fond childhood memories of going away to summer camp: making new friends and fun crafts, canoeing, swimming and nature hikes, writing letters telling of our adventures… which usually arrived after we got home!

It’s time to make memories that will last a lifetime and make jewelry that celebrates your adventures. And who can forget the excitement of sitting around the open campfire at night- singing songs with a guitar, roasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories….and the challenges of making breakfast in the freezing cold mornings before the fire is lit! And let’s not forget the annoying buzz of the mosquito or the awe of seeing a wild creature up close!

There are so many Beautiful State and National Parks for us to get out and explore. Natural wonders like crystal caves, mountain ranges, waterfalls, tall redwood forests and coastal beaches. Whether for a simple day trip or an extended back pack trek, with family or friends, the adventures you share and the memories you create will always be something you hold dear.

And for those who can’t find time to escape for long – sometimes, the most amazing sites and inspiring natural beauty is just a stone’s throw away. A simple walk in your neighborhood or stroll outside your office can refresh and inspire.

And after you get back, with your batteries recharged and creative juices flowing, what better time to create a keepsake piece of jewelry to commemorate your explorations!  We have a beautiful selection of nature inspired charms and pendants featuring wild animals, nature scenes, Gacor 777 Slot idyllic beaches and more. Perfect for camp projects, gifts for fellow outdoor enthusiasts or something special just for you.

So get out there and go camping, canoeing, hiking, and biking… Nina Designs will be here when you get back, ready to help you create the perfect Souvenir of your Adventure. What are your summer plans? We’d love to here all about them! Please share your adventures in the comment section below.

Back to School Jewelry

It’s about time to go back to school. Have you prepared your school spirit jewelry? We’ve put together a Back to School Collection of charms, pendants and tassels for you to create with! Get into the School Spirit by sporting your school mascot, school colors, favorite club or team. Use our Jewelry Tassels as Pom Poms and shop our wide selection of Animal Charms to find your school’s mascot! Or use Stamping Blanks to stamp your school name or slogan – “Go Banana Slugs!” Slot Gacor Online

Putting together a personalized necklace, charm bracelet or pair of earrings is as easy as “1, 2, 3, A, B, C!” Watch this short how-to-video on how to create quick and easy charm necklaces. Make one for yourself, your best friends and your favorite teachers. (Hint: You’ll want to get on their good side!) Mix and match pieces from our Back to School Collection to create one of a kind designs you can wear all year round! Browse our Back to School Design Ideas for some inspiration.

Done with school? That doesn’t mean you have to stop learning! Go ahead and challenge yourself this year by learning new skills. We have How-to Videos for any skill level. And our Classroom is an amazing resource for step-by-step instructions for jewelry projects. We also have you covered when it comes to finished jewelry designs. Browse our Design Ideas and find a project to make your own!

What does the Ohm sound mean?

What does the Ohm sound mean? Ohm is an ancient Sanskrit word that is considered by many Eastern religions as the Primal Sound.  In these religions, it is believed that God created sound first and therefore Ohm is the seed sound of all creation. It is further believed that the Universe, the Gods, and all matter come from the sound Ohm. Therefore, Ohm encompasses everything: the beginning, the middle and the end of all.  It is the past, the present and the future.

Ohm is considered the most sacred and famous mantra.  Ohm is usually chanted at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations, mantras, prayers, and texts.  In our times, this sacred incantation is also made during meditation and spiritual activities such as yoga. Ohm is believed to have the same frequency as the Universe.  Chanting Ohm can have a physical effect on the body, as it slows the over stimulated nervous system and calms the mind.

Ohm is one of the most important symbols in Hinduism.  Ohm is found as part of the iconography in ancient and medieval era manuscripts, temples, monasteries and spiritual retreats not only in Hinduism, but in Buddhism and Jainism as well.

The Unconscious State:  The upper curve represents the state of deep sleep or the unconscious. In this state, the subconscious is shut down and the sleeper does not dream.

The Waking State:  The lower large curve represents the waking state of consciousness, it connects us to our own sense of something greater and is the state of consciousness most humans are in. In this state the consciousness is turned outward and we encounter the world through our five senses.

The Dream State: The Middle curve which lies between the first two curves, represents the dream state. In this state, consciousness is between deep sleep and waking and it is turned within.

Pure Consciousness: The dot or Bindhi signifies the fourth state of consciousness, which is the state of pure consciousness. This is also referred to as “The Absolute State” or “Turiya.” It is a peaceful, quiet state where the consciousness is focused neither inward nor outward.

Illusion/Maya State: The Semicircle that separates the dot from the 3 other curves, represents “Maya” or the Illusions that prevent us from realizing or reaching the highest state of consciousness.

The Ohm pieces at Nina Designs can be a great support for those on a spiritual path, moving from the unconsciousness to pure consciousness, reminding us to breathe deeply.  I am so excited to start making Ohm jewelry now that I have a better understanding of what Ohm means and symbolizes!  I will definitely start with styles A646, A910, A1190 and see where the inspiration carries me of to.

How about you? Are there any symbols that hold deep, spiritual or personal meaning to you that you like to incorporate into your designs? We’d love to hear about them! Please share your inspirations in the comments section below.


Family-run Scottish Jewellers Reveals New Website

McGowans Jewellers, established in 1895, has unveiled its new mobile friendly website at The company with 3 stores in Glasgow and Aberdeen has become known as one of Scotland’s most trusted and reputable jewellers, and is now upgrading their online presence.

McGowans specialise in diamond, coloured gem stone and re-conditioned jewellery, and currently have two stores in the iconic Argyll Arcade in Glasgow and one in the popular shopping destination of Union Street in Aberdeen. The jewellers, now a 4th generation family business, is now updating their presence online with an elegant new mobile-friendly website boasting a range of new features.

The website will allow customers to view a vast selection of products, as well as find key information on stores. Visitors to the website will also be able to read the latest McGowans news and find jewellery inspiration and gift guides in the new blog.

Nicola McCann, Managing Director, said, “It is important that the business keeps up with digital trends, which is why we made the decision to launch a new fully responsive website. It will help to improve the brand experience for our customers and make shopping with McGowans even easier.

Whilst it is necessary for us to keep in mind our strong history and heritage dating back to 1895, it is also key that we accommodate market trends and cater to our customer’s needs. Bricks and mortar stores have always been the core of our business, but we will additionally be looking ahead to build on this with a full e-commerce presence in the future.”

Just as the business has progressed through generations, many regular customers can say their parents, or even their grandparents, have bought jewellery throughout their lives in McGowans. The jewellers hope that the introduction of their new website will help this to continue for generations to come.

Indeed, family trade has encountered many changes over the years, in terms of stock, stores and the relationship with technology. From the initial set up at the well-known Barras market in Glasgow through to online business, McGowans maintain their core values of exceptional quality, outstanding value for money and high standards of personal service in everything they do.

Buying An Engagement Ring Sucks

So, you’ve met ‘the one’ for you. Congratulations! Maybe you met at University or on Tinder, or someone introduced you at a wedding. However it was that you first met, sparks flew, and you overcame the not insignificant odds faced by your generation in getting together and staying together.

Odds like spiralling housing costs and the reality that you probably had to live with others (at least in the beginning) when you first took the plunge and moved in together. The economic uncertainty you’ve faced and your student debt, the missed weekends while you travel for work and the late nights at the office. But despite these odds, you’ve managed to date, become an item, find your own place and have decided to enter new territory together. All because deep-down you know that you make each other better people and that you’ve become truly significant to each other.

Against this backdrop, it’s time to go shopping for the dream ring, and it’s fair to say that life’s lemons have made you the smartest, most discerning and savvy buyer the marketplace has witnessed to-date. You’ve had to be.

I went through this experience myself in 2015. Having decided together that we would love to get married and that I wanted a fair amount of input on the kind of ring I would be wearing, like any good millennial, I hit Google – hard.

Imagine my surprise

Imagine my surprise (and intense disappointment) as all my concepts of engagement, marriage and romance, all the pleasures of the process of getting engaged and the thrill of this once-in-a-lifetime buying experience, were systematically undermined by reality.

It quickly became clear to us that a diamond purchase is not a savvy purchase at all because diamonds are horribly overpriced, that the ethics of diamonds (wherever they are mined) are questionable at best, and that most other gemstones and diamond alternatives are not durable enough to resist a lifetime of wear-and-tear.

Pretty quickly, I began to wonder why we should be financing a jeweller or retailer with 5K+ (a pretty average price for a 1 carat diamond ring) when we were saving for a house and trying to claw back some ‘us time’ on a holiday or two each year. Pretty quickly I began to question whether I should want this frivolous item at all, and yet it’s a piece of jewellery I have coveted for a long time. Soon, and perhaps stupidly, I began to question myself as a person, to question my values, and for a time I felt bad about myself that I even wanted this thing. So when we found our solution to these problems, we decided it was important to bring it to others.

That’s why we are launching Sapheneia of London – a jewellery company that wants to focus on, support and celebrate the relationships behind the rings. We felt driven to give couples the experience we never had by offering a serious and credible alternative to diamonds that would not compromise on sparkle or ethics and that would not leave the bride-to-be feeling as I did – that I couldn’t or shouldn’t have the ring of my dreams in the size I wanted for a price that wasn’t going to hinder our immediate financial future.

We believe in 3 things: beauty, technology and the preciousness of a great relationship. We design, make and set our rings using a technologically advanced, gem-grade mineral which has all the properties and more of a beautiful, sparkly white diamond, without any of the ethical or financial downsides, and without the lack of durability found in diamond alternatives such as cubic zirconia or other precious gemstones.


Designers You Need to Know

From a mom fixing a broken bracelet to a successful businesswoman operating and designing her own collections, Donna is an inspiration to anyone venturing out into unknown waters. Donna Fox of Crow Steals Fire was hooked on jewelry design from the moment she started. Sound familiar to anyone?

Donna’s site, Crow Steals Fire, offers a wide variety of metals and finishes with endless opportunities to personalize a gift for someone special. Donna’s blog is a feast for the eyes! She posts beautiful photos of her own designs,  products that inspire or excite her and great eco tips. Check out Crow Steals Fire today, for wonderful hand crafted jewelry made by a talented silversmith.

Alexis Gopal is a former doctor who turned her focus from a medical practice to perfecting her jewelry designs.  Her designs are upscale chic with a boho twist. Her pieces demand attention!

Alexis has a beautiful online shop where she displays her designs. She also shares inspiration and tips on her blog. Stop by Alexis’ online shop today for design inspiration or to pick out a special piece of jewelry!

We were really impressed with the creative way Alexis and Donna used Nina Designs jewelry components. It’s such a pleasure to see fresh uses for our components!

Actually Your Suggestions Become Silver Charms

We want to hear what you need for designing jewelry! Do you have an idea for a silver charm or pendant you want Nina Designs to make? Do you have want a new version of an existing Nina Designs jewelry finding?

Add your suggestions to our suggestion box. Our design team regularly reviews our customers suggestions while designing new jewelry components. Nina Designs strives to provide our customers with beautiful, original designs that will inspire and delight.

Hottest Jewelry Trend of Mixed Metal Madness

At Nina Designs we love to Mix Metals! Just take a peek at all of our Mixed Metal Design Ideas that the Ladies of Nina Designs have created! With our wide variety of finishes it’s hard not to mix and match.

And things just got even better! We have created a specially curated Mixed Metal Collection– these Charms, Rings and Pendants feature both Sterling Silver and Natural Bronze in one component! So go ahead and take a peek at one of our best selling pendants the Infinity Heart – a Sterling Silver Heart intertwined with a Bronze Infinity. Or if you want Ready to Wear Jewelry take a peek at our Sterling Silver Rings with Bronze Star and Moon details!

Black and Gold Jewelry – Explore the Trend

The best part about this jewelry trend is how versatile it is! Pair black and gold jewelry with cocktail dresses or jeans and a sweater, you really can make this look your own! Black and gold finished jewelry is a classic style that you can easily make your own. The combination of black sterling silver and gold vermeil jewelry supplies will add a sophisticated touch to your holiday look.

The Beautiful QA with David Sigal

Many of David’s signature items in Sigal Style feature colorful gemstones, enameling and other interesting stylistic elements. I was lucky enough to chat with David on one of his visits to JTV headquarters, and better understand the designer behind Sigal Style. David Sigal may be new to JTV, but he’s no stranger to the design world! David is an award-winning designer who has been creating his own designs for the past 20 years.

JTV: How did you get into the jewelry business?

David: I grew up in the industry, three generations. My dad had a small jewelry store, where I would go and work when I was younger. That’s where I absolutely fell in love with the industry.

JTV: When did you create your first design?

David: I remember, I must have been 12 years old and I was in my uncle’s factory and I started putting together pieces. We were doing a lot of gold back then and I kept thinking, no it’s too big or it’s too heavy – until I had a design that I was happy with. Every time I design something I want it to be the best piece of jewelry that ever existed!

JTV: Did you always know you wanted to be a jewelry designer?

David: Growing up, even at an early age, I always knew. I remember putting on my first big ring, and pretending that it gave me superpowers! That’s the moment that I knew I wanted to be a jewelry designer.

JTV: What type of women wear your jewelry?

David: I think there are a lot of different personalities, not just one type of woman. I love to consider my pieces an extension of your fashion. There are days when you are dressed down, and days when you are in your beautiful black dress – Sigal Style is an extension of your wardrobe no matter what you’re wearing.


Wendy Brandes Bespoke Jewelry Review

New York Times Thursday Styles section is about  “bespoke jewelry.”.

“So-called bespoke pieces (the term started in men’s wear but has spread, like ‘curate,’ to everything from bicycles to software) are standard among certain luxury jewelers likes Leviev or Graff, but aren’t usually the norm for mid- to high-priced jewelry companies such as [Temple] St. Clair’s, according to Milton Pedraza, chief executive of the Luxury Institute, a research and consulting firm in New York.”

I was initially surprised because I’m a high-priced jewelry company and I’ve been doing custom work since Day One. But then I realized that most of my sales made to individuals who find me through my website or by referral, rather than to large retailers. My clients usually don’t have a lot of opportunities to deal with designers directly, so they’re always excited to share their ideas about their dream jewelry and I’m always excited to make those dreams reality.

Special For You

Custom wedding jewelry is always special to me, because it’s wonderful to be involved in such an important life event. I happily do traditional diamond solitaires, but I do relish the offbeat requests. One of my favorites is this white-sapphire ring I did for Lori Kadezabek.

You don’t have to be getting married to get wedding jewelry from me.  If you’ve been married for years and your engagement ring is no longer your style (or if it never was!) I’m happy to redesign your old jewelry to suit your current taste. That’s what I did for Susan, taking her ring from the style on the left in the photo below to the style on the right.

Before vs After. Click to read about the design process for Susan’s ring.

But I don’t limit my custom work to wedding jewelry. Gorgeous client Christine wanted a kick-ass tiger ring, so that’s what I made for her.

I wrote about the design in this blog post, where I shared a photo of the original wax model I made for the ring, as well as a revised wax model I did to get the piece perfect. That’s part of custom work: striving for perfection. And, by the way, the revision wasn’t Christine’s idea. She didn’t even see the original wax. I made the changes on my own even though it cost me time and money in labor that I absorbed because it wasn’t included in the price quote I gave Christine.

While a major, original design such as the tiger ring can be very costly (though not as expensive as a couple of the examples cited in the Times story), there are a lot of opportunities to get more budget-friendly customized pieces from my WENDYB by Wendy Brandes diffusion line. You can get any letter necklace you want for no more than the cost of the equivalent necklace on my website. For instance, my IDGAF silver necklace on a 17″ chain costs $300 on site.

That means any five letters in sterling silver on a 17″ chain will cost $300. Any three letters on a 17″ silver chain will cost $275 like the FTW necklace. Any four letters in gold on the standard chain length will cost $900, the same as this STFU necklace. Get it? You can have your name, initials, birthday, or the word of your choice in necklace form for the same price as one of my standard offerings, assuming the same number of letters and chain length.

If your desire isn’t so much about creating something from scratch, but owning a piece you won’t see anyone else wearing, my limited-edition signature line will take care of that. For instance, I’ve only made one of my Chicken in Egg lockets — the one where the 18K gold egg opens up to reveal a silver chicken, who then opens up to reveal three gold eggs.

When I sell this one, I’ll leave the design on my website so that someone can request it, but I’ve decided I’m not going to make another for my inventory. Basically, it won’t be around for someone to try on and buy that easily.

That’s true of many of my pieces. They may not be exactly one-of-a-kind because I CAN make them again, but that doesn’t mean I will make them, so they’re functionally one-of-a-kind. If you get my 18K gold Empress Wu dragon ring — the one with the revolving lapis lazuli globe in the dragon’s mouth — I doubt you’ll have to worry about bumping into someone else wearing the same thing.

If you have any questions about a customized version of a piece from my WENDYB by Wendy Brandes line or about a diamond-solitaire engagement ring, email me right away at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com.  If you’re thinking of ornate wedding jewelry or a custom 18K gold luxury piece like Christine’s tiger ring, count on the minimum budget being $10,000.

I suggest you read this post so that you understand the process. Then, when you feel comfortable with the price and process, email me at the hotmail address with any questions/concerns/requests. If you’re looking at the non-custom designs already listed on my website, anything that’s “price upon request” is going to be a minimum of $20,000, but far, far less than the $350,000 piece mentioned in the Times!


Symbolism of Feathers – Feathers Appear When Angels are Near

It reminds me of when I was a child and I would find white feathers everywhere. My grandmother would always say it meant my Guardian Angel was near.  I decided that this was my way of communicating with the Angels.  I would talk to them as most children talk to their imaginary friends, then if I found a feather I would take it as a confirmation that the Angels had heard me. 

Now as an adult when I find any kind of feather I take it as a sign that I’m being protected. Our Feather and Wing Collection is one of my favorite sections to shop. Throughout many cultures, feathers are symbols of the spiritual realms representing ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane. Many religions agree that a white feather is a symbol that Angels are present and are hearing your prayers.  In Native American cultures, every group has different meanings for feathers depending on which bird they come from and their color. But it is safe to say that they represent honor and our connection with the Creator.

In Egyptian mythology the feather of Ma’at, an ostrich feather, was associated with Ma’at the goddess of truth and justice.  The chief priest in charge of court hearings would wear the feather of Ma’at and then gave the feather to the person who won the case.

In Christianity, feathers are associated with the presence of Angels and represent prayer and faith. The symbol of three feathers was popular in ancient Christianity, especially among the Medici, who used them as an emblem representing the three virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.

There are so many different interpretations of the symbolic meaning of feathers. Some people believe they represent Truth, Speed, Lightness and Protection. And it is believed, that if you dream about feathers that it symbolizes travel or the ability to move freely in life and if you dream about a white feather, it indicates innocence or a fresh start in a spiritual sense.

For me wearing a feather gives me a sense of peace and connection to the spiritual realms. I love the Nina Designs Mother of Pearl Feather pendant because it reminds me of my Angel friends. I have made a ton of earrings featuring almost all of our Wing and Feather Charms. I think I have made a pair in every size we have!

Do You Know What Is a Table Cut Diamond?

Here’s an answer for everyone who has ever wondered what a “TABLE CUT” diamond is.  Sometimes, people ask me questions and it seems like the perfect opportunity for a blog. I’ve often thought that if I have a question, other people must be asking the same question.

The first thing you need to see is a natural diamond crystal. This is just a diamond crystal, the way it came out of the ground. Actually, THIS is what all miners want to find- a perfectly smooth sided diamond crystal called a “glassie.”

I guess someone along the line decided that the diamond would either look good or at least not put the wearer’s eye out if they ground down the point on the top. And they literally did grind down the point. They put the diamond on a wheel covered with diamond dust and (fun fact alert) OLIVE OIL, and simply ground the point down until it created a flat area that looked like a table top. That’s it. That’s how we got table cut diamonds and why they’re called that.

Now you can go forth and impress your friends who are getting engaged with completely useless information about the history of diamond cutting!


Find the Symbolism of Spirit Animals!

A Spirit Animal or Power Animal represents the “life force” or soul of an animal, which appears to humans – through their dreams, meditations and in their waking life – in order to share their wisdom. The belief in Spirit Animals has its origins mainly in Native American Tribes, although similar spiritual practices can be found in other cultures.

There are differences within each tribe or culture on how they interpret and incorporate Spirit or “Totem Animals” into their lives. In Native American cultures, The Totem Animal would generally appear as one single animal that acts as a guide and protector for humans throughout their entire life. Modern cultures often believe that you can have many Spirit Animals and they can change daily.

Have you ever felt drawn to a certain animal? Felt a special kinship or deep connection to a wild beast, tiny insect, or cold blooded reptile? Do certain creatures seem to constantly cross your path? Maybe it’s your Spirit Animal calling out to you!

Nina Designs has created an inspiring line of Spirit Animal Pendants perfect for creating Talisman Jewelry that holds spiritual meaning for the wearer. We chose to feature seven of our favorite creatures: The Bear, The Cobra, The Crocodile, The Hawk or Falcon, The Elephant, The Tiger, and The Wolf. Each has special attributes that we hope will stir your creativity and connect with you personally.

With its ability to shed its skin, the cobra represents transformation, rebirth and new beginnings. Having this power animal in your life portents a great transition is on its way through new opportunities and growth.

Symbolically, the bear holds many contradictions. Their dual nature symbolizes both the warrior and the nurturer. It can be fierce, teaching us to stand against adversity, take action and be bold. At times of hibernation it is tranquil, emphasizing a time for solitude, self-reflection, and rest.

The crocodile has inhabited the earth for millions of years and are considered to be the keepers and protectors of all knowledge and ancient wisdom. Having this power animal in your life signifies an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you. Gliding along the water, they are concealed from view with just their eyes peeking above the surface, teaching us about patience, emotional depth and resourcefulness.

Revered for its power and strength, the elephant symbolizes dignity, peace, intelligence, and longevity. In the herd, the older elephants protect and care for the young, regardless of whether it is their offspring or another’s. In this way, the spirit of the elephant encourages loyalty and fidelity in our relationships with family and friends.

 Symbolically, the falcon is the messenger of the spirit world and the “unseen”. They were believed to have resided in the Upperworld with the spirits of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. The Falcon’s ability to soar to great heights assists with gaining a new perceptive, allowing one to see and understand things clearly by providing focus and sharp vision.

Symbolically, the wolf encourages a deeper connection with and trust in one’s intuition. With a razor sharp intelligence and a strong desire for freedom, the wolf inspires you to live life to the fullest and pursue your dreams.

The tiger symbolizes courage and willpower. Having this animal in your life encourages you to harness your inner strength and trust your intuition to help you overcome challenges. The speed and agility of the tiger reminds us to tackle life’s problems quickly and passionately. Don’t hesitate… pounce! Let this tiger unleash a new power or passion within you.

You Should dive for Jewelry Inspiration

Scuba diving offers a window into a rich and diverse underwater world that remains largely a mystery to us even in this high tech age. I learned to dive in Bali in 1994 over Nyepi, a holiday during which evil spirits visit earth and it is against the law for anyone to go outside in public or make noise.

From my first ocean dive to the present, I have been captivated by the stunning diversity of life beneath the waves. Time collapses into an urgent NOW as you marshal all your senses to stay safe, while at the same time loosing yourself in wonder at the marvels on display in the watery blue light.

Like many artists, I draw much of my inspiration for our Silver Charms from nature. Trees, mountains, flowers and animals feature prominently in our collection at Nina Designs. Beyond land, the earth is 71% water and our Ocean Charms are inspired by the creatures of the sea.

Diving challenges me on many levels: I am susceptible to seasickness, I often feel claustrophobic bobbing on the surface of the water, my right ear has trouble clearing and the vast dark sea stretching out in all directions can evoke a strange primal terror. Fortunately, these details pale next to the intense gratification and endless inspiration I harvest from the colorful gardens of coral, fish and inexplicable creatures that inhabit the sea.

It is so liberating to escape gravity and tumble in three dimensions while watching light scatter through the water in rays or dancing ripples. I like to play in the air bubbles of my fellow divers and imagine that I am swimming in a glass of champagne.

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting Utila, a small island off the coast of Roatan in Honduras. I went in search of Whale Sharks, the largest fish in the sea. They are filter eaters who rise to the surface around the full moon. We were lucky enough to spot one on our first day, then went on to swim with dolphins, eels, nurse sharks, turtles and curtains of colorful fish. Even now, back at my office computer, I am filled with wonder and half expecting a school of fish to swim by.