Designers You Need to Know

From a mom fixing a broken bracelet to a successful businesswoman operating and designing her own collections, Donna is an inspiration to anyone venturing out into unknown waters. Donna Fox of Crow Steals Fire was hooked on jewelry design from the moment she started. Sound familiar to anyone?

Donna’s site, Crow Steals Fire, offers a wide variety of metals and finishes with endless opportunities to personalize a gift for someone special. Donna’s blog is a feast for the eyes! She posts beautiful photos of her own designs,  products that inspire or excite her and great eco tips. Check out Crow Steals Fire today, for wonderful hand crafted jewelry made by a talented silversmith.

Alexis Gopal is a former doctor who turned her focus from a medical practice to perfecting her jewelry designs.  Her designs are upscale chic with a boho twist. Her pieces demand attention!

Alexis has a beautiful online shop where she displays her designs. She also shares inspiration and tips on her blog. Stop by Alexis’ online shop today for design inspiration or to pick out a special piece of jewelry!

We were really impressed with the creative way Alexis and Donna used Nina Designs jewelry components. It’s such a pleasure to see fresh uses for our components!

Actually Your Suggestions Become Silver Charms

We want to hear what you need for designing jewelry! Do you have an idea for a silver charm or pendant you want Nina Designs to make? Do you have want a new version of an existing Nina Designs jewelry finding?

Add your suggestions to our suggestion box. Our design team regularly reviews our customers suggestions while designing new jewelry components. Nina Designs strives to provide our customers with beautiful, original designs that will inspire and delight.

Hottest Jewelry Trend of Mixed Metal Madness

At Nina Designs we love to Mix Metals! Just take a peek at all of our Mixed Metal Design Ideas that the Ladies of Nina Designs have created! With our wide variety of finishes it’s hard not to mix and match.

And things just got even better! We have created a specially curated Mixed Metal Collection– these Charms, Rings and Pendants feature both Sterling Silver and Natural Bronze in one component! So go ahead and take a peek at one of our best selling pendants the Infinity Heart – a Sterling Silver Heart intertwined with a Bronze Infinity. Or if you want Ready to Wear Jewelry take a peek at our Sterling Silver Rings with Bronze Star and Moon details!

Black and Gold Jewelry – Explore the Trend

The best part about this jewelry trend is how versatile it is! Pair black and gold jewelry with cocktail dresses or jeans and a sweater, you really can make this look your own! Black and gold finished jewelry is a classic style that you can easily make your own. The combination of black sterling silver and gold vermeil jewelry supplies will add a sophisticated touch to your holiday look.

The Beautiful QA with David Sigal

Many of David’s signature items in Sigal Style feature colorful gemstones, enameling and other interesting stylistic elements. I was lucky enough to chat with David on one of his visits to JTV headquarters, and better understand the designer behind Sigal Style. David Sigal may be new to JTV, but he’s no stranger to the design world! David is an award-winning designer who has been creating his own designs for the past 20 years.

JTV: How did you get into the jewelry business?

David: I grew up in the industry, three generations. My dad had a small jewelry store, where I would go and work when I was younger. That’s where I absolutely fell in love with the industry.

JTV: When did you create your first design?

David: I remember, I must have been 12 years old and I was in my uncle’s factory and I started putting together pieces. We were doing a lot of gold back then and I kept thinking, no it’s too big or it’s too heavy – until I had a design that I was happy with. Every time I design something I want it to be the best piece of jewelry that ever existed!

JTV: Did you always know you wanted to be a jewelry designer?

David: Growing up, even at an early age, I always knew. I remember putting on my first big ring, and pretending that it gave me superpowers! That’s the moment that I knew I wanted to be a jewelry designer.

JTV: What type of women wear your jewelry?

David: I think there are a lot of different personalities, not just one type of woman. I love to consider my pieces an extension of your fashion. There are days when you are dressed down, and days when you are in your beautiful black dress – Sigal Style is an extension of your wardrobe no matter what you’re wearing.